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University of Canterbury Application for Accommodation!

Applications for the 2022 Academic Year or Semester 1 open 1 August 2021
Applications for Semester 2 2022 open 1 October 2021

New Student? 

Please register for an accommodation login using the Registration tab - you only need to register once.  (This login is unique to your application for accommodation.) 

Students studying through the CCEL College of English should contact Ilam Apartments directly on 03 266 0400 or email canterbury@unilodge.co.nz

PLEASE NOTE:  New applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of NZ$100 (including GST).  

Previously Registered? 

If you have previously registered for accommodation, please use the Account Login (top left) to continue with your application.

Returning Student?  

If you are a current resident and wish to return to the same or another hall, a new application is not required. Contact your hall for information on how to apply to return.

  • Residents at Hayashi, Ilam Apartments, Kirkwood Avenue Hall, Sonoda Christchurch Campus, or University Hall - please email canterbury@unilodge.co.nz
  • Residents at Bishop Julius Hall, College House, Rochester and Rutherford Hall, or Tupuanuku wishing to move to Hayashi, Ilam Apartments or Sonoda Christchurch Campus - please email canterbury@unilodge.co.nz

For further information call 03 266 0400 or email canterbury@unilodge.co.nz  

Casual Accommodation?  

See Temporary Accommodation for on and off campus options and how to apply.

Summer Accommodation? 

Summer accommodation is booked directly with the hall.  For information, refer to the Summer Accommodation webpage.